hello guys!

So here it is another finished mini and it’s a mercenary.

Dirty Meg.


So again extra attention is given on her face i dont think it’s visible in this photo but i did a lot of blending on her face and there’s a off-white highlight on her eyes! really small though. Standard VMC flesh colors up to VMC basic skintone on those raised areas and the shade i used VMC red leather mix with a little orange for that feminine look. I didn’t put lipstick or any make up on her coz well she’s dirty.Imageher pants is a base coat of VMC bright camo green highlighted up to VMC green gray and some little dirty spots on her shirt.Image

and of course her hair coz she’s a red head base coat of VMC red leather going up to VMC dark yellow.

Imageall metal parts are painted in TMM style coz i’m too lazy to do some NMM knowing she has a lot of metal parts on her and those tools!!!

So that’s all for now!!!! thanks for viewing!!!!


Monster Update 2!!!!!

Posted: September 21, 2012 in WIPs

hey guys another monster update comin up!!!! 

First off it’s lady aiyanna and master holt.




close up on Master Holt


Crappy close up of lady aiyanna.


Old school Lancer and Grenadier.


And now for the heavyweight!!!


The Avenger!!!



ImageExtreme close up!!!! 

I did some weathering on the avenger i originally planned to use some pigments on it but those things are a pain in the ass to work with so i settled in to some old school battle damage painting.


That’s all for now thanks for viewing!!!!!


Monster update!!!!

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Finished projects...

hey guys it’s been a while since i did an update so here it is the Monster Update!!!

first off are my commision jobs check it out!!!

These are press gangers from the warmachine range.


i did the sinbad look on them for that typical pirate look.

next up are som Combined army from the infinity range.

and now for my very own cygnar army!!! so far i only got my B13s and min. trencher unit

Reinholdt and yes he’s wearing pink shorts.


a minuteman light warjack.

and my warcaster Kara sloan by the way she’s not finished yet.

and some unfinished minis so by my count i kinda have like 15 points (NOT SURE).

any way that’s all for now

thanks for viewing……



Another update guys this time it’s the Black 13th Gun mage strike team from privateer press. 

These guys are awesome! i mean model-wise they’re really detailed and there’s not much flash in them so they’re pretty easy to clean. Anyways here they are check em out…


first off is lynch i gave him a little bit of OSL here coming from his gun and hands.

Imageand here’s ryan and watts.


Imageok so as you can see OSL is nowhere near perfect my OSL is still in it’s Development stage but for now it’ll do.


So that’s it for now thanks for viewing!!!…..

Aside  —  Posted: August 2, 2012 in Finished projects...

Hey guys just finished another mini today this time from Scibor miniatures  they got some very cool looking minis there.

this one’s a dwarf slaughterer check it out!!!

overall i had fun painting this mini and looking at it i noticed that the severed head has this WTF!! expression on him.

so that’s it for now thanks for viewing……


Posted: July 20, 2012 in WIPs

hey guys just a little update on what’s keeping me busy this last few weeks check it out.


i really took my time with her coz i’m (again) experimenting with the skin tone and it turned out great and hopefully not to bloody.

Imagespecial attention was given on the face, why?………….why not?Image 

and here’s her back side still some blood but i tried not to go overboard so as to not end up like my previous project: baby kade.

I entered this one on a contest on dakkadakka and details on the contest is coming soon.

that’s all folks! thanks for viewing…..  Read the rest of this entry »

hey there! another finished mini this time from the malifaux line check it out,


a little bloody huh? i experimented a bit with the skintone using purple as base coat until i reached white for it’s extreme highlight, for me it kinda makes for a weird skin which works because in the fluff neverborns can disguise themselves as humans.




for teddy well the details got covered because of my blood recipe anyway i tried mimicking tile floorings for the base and looking at it right now it kinda looks like the floorings from a mental instituition but hey it works right.

so that’s it for now thanks for viewing..